Property Management

When Peace of Mind Matters, You Need the Right Property Manager to Protect Your Investment.

You know the Jane Fairweather Team as Real Estate experts – now, their 30 years of experience in the business can help you rent your home, as well.

As Property Managers, we will:

  • Obtain all licenses and certifications
  • Collect and deposit monthly rents
  • Receive all tenant communications
  • Schedule and monitor property repairs and maintenance
  • Manage property escrow account
  • Periodic inspections
  • Manage disputes and work with attorneys


Property Management / Licensed Buyer Agent

Kelly is the Director of Property Management Services for the Jane Fairweather Team. Kelly’s daily functions are to service and maintain the rental properties she has under management as well as provided management services to condo associations in the Bethesda market area. She is also the Administrative Director of the team and handles all back office tasks such as payroll, budgets, building maintenance and the supervision of the property maintenance team. Kelly’s professional knowledge ensures a quick response to owners and tenants alike. She meets their needs at the highest level, which ultimately maximizes the value of the property.


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