Doug Osmond

Sorry that I haven’t written sooner, but I just wanted to drop a note to let you know how pleased our family was, with the whole process of the sale of my mother’s house.

There was certainly some sadness with all of us, in selling the house that we grew up in and had been in our family for so long. However, it could have also been traumatic, if the listing and sale activity had become difficult and filled with all sorts of anxiety producing problems.

We all feel, though, that everything was done very professionally, involving us as little as possible, with our concerns for our mother also being very well considered by you. Of course the immediate sale, with no listing or showing the house, certainly made things easier, but again, that probably wouldn’t have happened without someone of your experience, knowledge and expertise handling everything.

We also appreciate your flexibility and understanding regarding the final condition of the house interior. My sister and I definitely underestimated our capabilities for getting everything out of the house on time.

Also, I think that there are people in yours and your daughter’s situation that would have taken advantage of the escrow availability and found a way to spend it all. Kelly’s judicious and efficient use of resources showed a lot of integrity that is, I’m sure, something that she has gotten from her parents.

Thank you again for helping us get through this part of our mother’s relocation and minimizing the stress that would typically accompany that part of it.

Doug Osmond


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