Steps from Listing to Settlement

I’ve listed with Jane …now what?

Many things start happening as soon as we put your home on the market- below are only a few of the steps Jane and her team take to market your home effectively…

  • As soon as listing agreement is signed, the listing coordinators go out to the property to review Jane’s notes, take additional notes and photographs.
  • Fill out and process all the necessary paperwork and details for uploading the listing information to MRIS and websites
  • Upload listing onto MRIS and GCAAR (Greater Capital Area Association of Realtors)
  • Order sign a day in advance, if possible
  • Let office manager know listing is in MRIS. Have her put MRIS printout in Listing Book, record listing on “Current Listings” board & all agents boxes
  • Put copy of listing in file, with office original and in blue listing book
  • Copy key(s) and install lockbox
  • Deliver or mail listing contract to seller with Jane’s letter.
  • Create brochures and in-house fact sheets
  • Upload to various real estate websites ( and,,
  • Order virtual tour
  • Select rooms, stage rooms for photo shoot
  • Meet virtual tour photographer at property for photo shoot
  • Deliver fact sheets, government regulation easement and assessments disclosure and addendum, inclusion/exclusion disclosure and attachment to listing agreement, disclosure of information on lead based paint, Maryland lead paint disclosure and notice statement, consent for dual agency, and subdivision plat if available.
  • Fill brochure box every Monday or Tuesday
  • Write Ads for print media
  • Enter Tuesday Agent Tour into MRIS (Data Input, Open House)
  • Call seller on Monday to remind them of scheduled tour (Tuesday 11:30-1:30)
  • Put listing information into Contact management database.
  • Provide lists to marketing department to conduct listing awareness campaign in target area
  • Prepare, design, print, and distribute postcards featuring property to 500 target neighborhoods when listed
  • Prepare and deliver information packages on property to prospective buyers generated from mailings and phone campaigns and internet inquiries
  • Pull past clients in neighborhood from Contact management database and give to listing agent to call and spread the word about the new listing
  • Turn in original listing contract, copy of printout and coversheet to Coldwell Banker office
  • Record Referral Agent (if any) and retrieve agent’s company Federal ID number
  • Send Thank You Letter to referral agent
  • In addition to this process, a promotional campaign directed at active real estate agents is also launched immediately…
  • Pitch new listing at office business meetings every Monday and Tuesday
  • Distribute information sheet to all agents in the Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage offices in the target market area
  • Email “Just Listed” announcement to the most active agents in that market area.
  • Obtain agent-to-agent feedback on a daily basis and their clients’ comments
  • Call competing listing agents weekly
  • Every morning call to all agents who sold their listings the day before-to search for move-up and move-down buyers
  • Contact all Power Player agents to network for buyers for this listing.
  • Ongoing market activity is something we keep a close eye on for you…
  • Monitor showing activity daily; analyze agent and buyer feedback on showings to determine market response to price, condition, location, etc.
  • Provide analysis of agents and buyers feedback and market response to seller
  • Monitor the market daily for any new and sold listings in the area that would affect the market position of this property.

ONCE YOUR HOME IS SOLD (contract is signed and ratified) we will take care of all the arrangements necessary in order to get the deal to the settlement table successfully…this checklist highlights some of the activities that go on before your deal goes to settlement, these are monitored and executed promptly…

  • Contract is ratified
  • Change status on MLS from “Active” to “Contingent”
  • Check contract to ensure availability of Disclosure/Disclaimer form
  • Deliver Contract to Buyer, Seller, Other Agent, & office w/ coversheet
  • Call to schedule home inspection. Coordinate and track progress.
  • Call to schedule radon inspection. Coordinate and track progress.
  • If required, schedule and coordinate other Inspections
  • Track removal of Inspection Contingencies
  • Check for any credit concessions for inspection contingencies
  • Deliver earnest money check to attorney with contract
  • Order SOLD Banner and change status to Contract Status
  • Review file to check for loan application
  • Check for preliminary Lender letter
  • Coordinate logistics of Appraisal and inform seller
  • Make sure loan approval has been obtained
  • Check File for Home Sale/ Feasibility Study/ Third Party Approved/ Gift Letter
  • Check file for Master Plan
  • Order Termite Inspection
  • Ensure Termite Report is received and faxed to attorney
  • Order HOA/Condo Documents
  • Deliver HOA/Condo Documents to buyer/buyer’s agent
  • Order Home Owner’s Warranty
  • Send Home Owner’s Warranty to attorney
  • Schedule Settlement Date and time
  • Send Settlement Letter to seller (w/directions)
  • Send Settlement Letter to buyer (w/directions)
  • Send Admin Fee letter to attorney
  • Obtain Power of Attorney if necessary
  • Deliver Home Owner’s Insurance Policy to Lender
  • Notify Utility Companies
  • Inform Seller to obtain water meter reading, and Certified Funds
  • Schedule Pre-settlement walk-thru
  • Notify Seller/other agent
  • Notify Buyer/other agent
  • Schedule Post settlement walk-thru scheduled.
  • Confirm move out date if Post-Settlement Occupancy will occur
  • Coordinate sign removal
  • Remove lockbox and put keys in file
  • Obtain any available Receipts


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